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The Bishop of Coventry's Christmas Message

A Christmas message from the Bishop of Coventry has been published in local newspapers.

Bishop Christopher said:

"On the way to Christmas shopping, a poster caught my eye – ‘Every second a child is missing puts them closer to danger – will you help us find every missing child?’

Jesus, even before he was born, was getting close to danger. The danger of homelessness as Mary and Joseph set off from the safety of their home to Bethlehem, where ‘there was no room for them in the inn’? The danger of King Herod who wanted to hunt him down. The dangers faced by asylum seekers as they try to find refuge in a foreign land. God reached into our world in Jesus Christ to rescue us from danger, to find every lost child.

God’s Christmas present to us is God’s own presence with us. And that gift of love – rescuing love that will not let us go – draws us into the circle of God’s care and propels us to search for the lost, so that no child of God will be missing, and everyone will find their true home in God, safe for ever."

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