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Lent and Easter Campaigns

Last month, the Church of England’s 2019 Lent and Easter campaigns were launched by the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, at Bishopthorpe Palace.

The Lent and Easter campaigns will take followers from the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday (6th March this year), through to Easter (21st April) with the LentPilgrims reflections, and from Easter Day to Ascension Day (30th May) with EasterPilgrim reflections.

The two booklets, written by the Bishop of Oxford, Steven Croft, will guide followers through the two 40 day journeys, reflecting on the Apostles Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, the Commandments and the Beatitudes.

The daily reflections provide a short Bible reading, an invitation to pray and a suggestion of how you might respond to the challenge of how to live as God intends, both as an individual and in community.

These campaigns build on the success of last year’s Lent campaign, #LiveLent, which reached 3.54 million people on social media, with 95 per cent of people who took the daily reflections finding them helpful, very helpful or extremely helpful in bringing them closer to God.

There are five ways you and your church can join in with the Lent and Easter campaigns.

1. Order the booklets from Church House Publishing

The Pilgrim Journeys booklets are ideal daily companions for anyone seeking to grow in the Christian faith. You can order individual booklets or booklets to give to your congregation here.

2. Update your A Church Near You page with your Lent and Easter services

The new A Church Near You played an important role last year. There was a 27% uplift in time spent on the site compared to Lent 2017, a 12% increase in page views - 1000,000 more and the bounce rate (the number of people leaving the site after only visiting one page) dropped by 21%.

3. Encourage your congregation to download the app or sign up to receive the email reflections

As with #FollowTheStar, the Christmas campaign, the daily reflections will also be available to those who sign up to receive the daily emails or download the app. This is free and will be available soon. Find out more here.

4. Share the Lent and Easter social media posts from your church’s accounts

The Church of England will be sharing short captions from the daily reflections throughout the campaigns, encouraging people to sign up to receive the daily reflections or download the app. Consider sharing these from your social accounts to encourage those who follow you to get involved.

5. Share what your church is up to throughout Lent and Easter using the hashtags #LentPilgrim and #EasterPilgrim

Share updates about your services, events and news throughout Lent and Easter using the hashtags, not only to increase the reach of your posts but also for the change to be retweeted or shared by the Church of England on social media.

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