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BCDM provides training for all

BCDM (the Bishop’s Certificate in Discipleship and Mission) is now in its fourth year and is going from strength to strength. During the first week of term in January 2019 over 100 people attended BCDM modules across the diocese. Headed up by Katherine Walakira, the Diocesan Discipleship and Mission Development Adviser, and supported by a talented team of ordained and lay people, 2019 is set to be another exciting year for BCDM.

BCDM was formed in 2015 to equip and empower everyday Christians to recognise their call to be missionary disciples in their daily lives. Prior to 2015, lay training in the diocese was largely aimed at training for accredited positions in the Church, such as an authorised lay minister or Readers. The Diocesan Training Partnership became aware that this left out the majority of the congregation and raised the question “how does God call the whole of His Church.” Since 2015 lay training has been a key priority for the diocese and the popularity of BCDM has demonstrated the enthusiasm for learning amongst lay people.

Developing healthy churches through the 8 Essential Qualities defined by the Natural Church Development is the core strategy of the diocese. BCDM responds to the results of the Healthy Churches survey by running modules designed to build up the essential qualities in churches where there is a need. These modules are run by the Serving Christ Learning Mentors and include; Needs-based Evangelism, Discovering and Using Our Spiritual Gifts and Leading Worship Services.

Over the last four years, more than 600 participants from a wide range of backgrounds and church traditions have taken a BCDM module. Many of those 600 have taken more than one, and some have completed certificates and have become licensed as Readers. BCDM is open to all, whether you are exploring training for an accredited position or you just want to learn more about your faith and make new friends. There are options to go deeper in your learning by completing assignments to work towards certificates. Also if you are looking at becoming a Reader, BCDM is the place to start.

To celebrate everyone who has participated in BCDM over the years, there will be a free BCDM celebration event taking place at St Nicholas Church in Kenilworth on Sunday 24th March from 3 to 5pm. The event is entitled “Why theology matters for discipleship: Growing and Learning throughout life” and will include a guest speaker from the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity and the Bishop of Coventry. You can register here.

To find out more about BCDM and register for upcoming modules see the BCDM section of the Diocesan website here.

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