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'Three Candles of Hope' for our country

The Bishops of Coventry and Warwick are encouraging churches, schools, homes and workplaces to light 'Three Candles of Hope' for our country.

Bishop Christopher says:

"Whatever happens this week, all sorts of emotions will come to the fore – grief and joy, disappointment and elation, fear and hope, with all sorts of combinations of these that might be mixed up even in the same person, let alone the same family and community.

In the midst of it all, the God of History is with us with the steadfast love that brings hope in every situation. Although none of us quite knows what the future will hold, our faith is firm that God can lead us forward by his Spirit into a shared future. This is the hope we as Christ’s people can bring to a confused and divided world. 'Behold, I make all things new!'"

The three candles of hope represent: 

  • A candle for myself - my hopes or fears, my joys and my griefs.
  • A candle for my neighbours – those with whom I agree and disagree, those who are rejoicing, those who are weeping; my local neighbour and my international neighbour.
  • A candle for our shared future.
Safe community spaces

Some churches in Warwickshire and Coventry will also be opening their doors on the evening of 29 March.  Their aim is to provide a safe, non-partisan community space where people will feel welcome to come to be still, to reflect, to pray for our common life together, and the future of our country.

Churches that will be open on the evening of 29 March include:

  • Arrow - Holy Trinity (open all day and night)
  • Birdingbury - St Leonard (9 am - 11:30 pm)
  • Coventry - St George’s Coundon (6 pm - midnight)
  • Coventry - St John the Baptist (2 pm - 6 pm)
  • Dunchurch - St Peter (10 am - 8 pm)
  • Kineton - St. Peter
  • Oxhill - St Lawrence (open all day and night)
  • Leek Wooton - All Saints
  • Stoneleigh - St. Mary the Virgin (10 am - 8 pm)
  • Stretton-on-Fosse - St Peter (open from 2 pm and through the night)
  • Weethly - St James
  • Whitnash - St. Margaret (all day until 10 pm)
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