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BMBC Aspiring Business Leaders

In 2017, the Bishop’s Missional Business Community (BMBC) was launched by the Revd James Holden (the Bishop’s Chaplain to Business Leaders). BMBC hosts regular meetings for Christian business leaders to mentor each other and help create a Christian culture in their business. In January of this year a new initiative was launched aimed at those who are not yet business leaders, called BMBC Aspiring Business Leaders.

Aspiring Business Leaders is for followers of Christ who work in a corporate / business environment and want to put Jesus at the centre of their work life. The group’s mission statement is "To connect future Christian business leaders to one another; to communicate that they are not alone in this journey; to collaborate in the support of building the Kingdom in the name of Jesus." Once a month the group meet to: share the successes and struggles that they experience in following Jesus in the workplace, support one another with ideas and methods of how to live a Christ centred business life in the power of the Holy Spirit, and to encourage each other that they are not alone in building the Kingdom of God where they work.

As well as hosting monthly meetings, Aspiring Business Leaders has Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages (@BMBCaspiring) and a website which includes a blog written by Matthew Goodwin, who leads the group ( The blog shares Matthew’s thoughts, plans and development of the BMBC Aspiring Business Leaders ministry along with voicing the successes, struggles, joys and challenges that this ministry is addressing.

Bishop Christopher is very supportive of the project. He says:

"Business is a vital part of our world and as with so many things Christians are involved at every level. It doesn’t matter what kind of Christian church you attend; BMBC’s are an outworking of our belief in the need for all Christians to use their gifts and position in society to help build the Kingdom of God. We’re not setting out to create new forms of church communities but simply to help aspiring business leaders from any church to support, encourage and equip each other to serve Christ in the world"

BMBC Aspiring Business Leaders is open to Christians from any denomination. The group meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month, 20:00 – 21:30 at St Michael’s Church in Budbrooke (near Warwick Parkway station). It is free to participate, and light refreshments are provided. If you are interested in coming along please contact Matthew Goodwin at or through the

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