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Ordinations at Coventry Cathedral

Nine new priests and seven new deacons are to be ordained this weekend. The priests will be ordained by the Bishop of Coventry, the Right Reverend Dr Christopher Cocksworth, at 10.30am on Sunday 30th June. The deacons will be ordained by the Bishop of Warwick, the Right Reverend John Stroyan, at 4pm on Sunday 30th June.

By ancient tradition the Church ordains deacons and priests on a date as close as possible to the feast day of St Peter (29th June). Peter was the most prominent of the Apostles of Jesus Christ, and Jesus described him as the 'rock' on which the Church would be built.

The new Deacons have undertaken a course of study and training, and following their ordination they will serve as Curates (assistant ministers) while their training continues. As Deacons they will lead worship and carry out pastoral and teaching work, but will not yet be able to lead services of Holy Communion.

The new Priests have already served as Deacons for a year. On their ordination as Priests they will remain in their present parishes while their on-going training continues. Those ordained this year include women and men. Some of them will continue in employment outside the church, supporting their ordained ministry from their own resources. Others will work full-time within the church.

Ordination services are open to the general public. Visitors are most welcome, and there is no admission charge for any Cathedral services.