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Genexis challenges atheism

Taken from the Latin word for “meaning”, Genexis is the name of an exciting series of public lectures taking place in Coventry Cathedral in September. Genexis is an evidence based case for a creator God and is a challenge to atheism based on scientific, philosophical and historical evidence.

Genexis will consist of 7 presentations by world leading academics and scientists which explain some of the conundrums of atheism and why they find the atheistic explanation unsatisfactory. The topics of the presentations include; the beginning of life, morality and justice, DNA, consciousness and life after death.

Among the speakers are Francis Collins, an American Physician-Geneticist who discovered the genes associated with a number of diseases, including cystic fibrosis; Professor Paul Davies who is Co-Director of the Cosmology Initiative at Arizona State University and has researched the big bang, black holes, the origin of life and the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence; the leading New Testament scholar NT Wright, and former committed atheist turned Christian author, Lee Strobel.

David Stone, Precentor and Canon at Coventry Cathedral, has been involved in the organisation of Genexis, he says:

“There’s a widespread assumption that becoming a follower of Jesus Christ means dumping your brains in the nearest rubbish bin! Genexis is a bold and visionary project designed to show that this is very far from being the case and that the intellectual rigour behind Christian faith is second to none. I’m delighted that Coventry Cathedral is hosting these four evenings in September and am very much looking forward to being informed, challenged and inspired by the team of world-class speakers brought together for this superb initiative.”

Genexis begins on Monday 9th September at 7pm at Coventry Cathedral with Episode One, ‘Beginnings’, and continues on Monday evenings for the next three weeks. You can apply for tickets on their website here.

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