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Betel UK feature in Parliamentary Review

Betel UK, who run Rising Café at Coventry Cathedral, have been included in this year’s Parliamentary Review.

The Parliamentary Review features commentary from the prime minister, other cabinet members and eminent journalists. Enclosed within are a series of profiles from organisations who have a story to tell about how they fare in today’s economic and political environment. The Review’s main aim is to showcase best practice as a learning tool to the public and private sector and the articles featured act as both a blue print for success and a template for reform.

Founded in 1996, Betel UK turns lives around, helping to stabilise thousands of homeless, addicted and chronically unemployed men and women. Their residential homes provide help and hope to 350 recovering people. They train men and women in a wide range of life and employment skills, equipping them to build a stable and productive future.

Betel runs a number of charitable businesses around the UK which not only provide a large portion of the charity’s funds but also perform a fundamental role in their recovery centres. All of their business are led and staffed by men and women determined to lead transformed lives. One of these businesses is Rising Café at Coventry Cathedral.

Rising Café opened in 2015. The café renovations were funded by the Bishop’s Mission Fund and were project managed by Together for Change. The café is run by previously homeless and substance addicted men and women. 100% of proceeds go directly towards funding their recovery, and that of many others around the country. The café has been enormous success over the last four years and is consistently ranked in the top ten of restaurants in Coventry on TripAdvisor.

Executive Director of the Parliamentary Review, Daniel Yossman, comments,

“Sharing knowledge and insight with both peers and government is essential work. It’s always a real joy to hear from policymakers who tell me that something they have read in the Review has had an effect on their thinking. It is my belief that innovation is contagious, if only it is given the platform to spread. It is the Review’s purpose to provide this platform.”

Betel UK's article can be viewed here:

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