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We are a Growing Faith Trailblazer Diocese

The Diocese of Coventry has become one of seven Growing Faith Trailblazer Dioceses in the Church of England. Growing Faith is a Church of England Initiative to encourage and promote faith development, spiritual formation and leadership/ vocations amongst children and young people. As one of the initial trailblazer dioceses our diocese will be helping shape this initiative.

Growing Faith began as a vision set by the House of Bishops to ensure a national commitment to achieve a significant culture change within the Church so every aspect of mission and ministry is seen through the lens of what it means for ministry with children, young people and households. The vision was welcomed by General Synod in February and a Growing Faith Enabler (Murray Wilkinson) was appointed in April. Each diocesan Bishop was asked to appoint or identify a Growing Faith Champion and Bishop Christopher asked Canon Linda Wainscot undertake this role for the Diocese of Coventry.

Linda received an invitation for Coventry to be one of the Growing Faith Trailblazer Dioceses. The key characteristics for a trailblazer diocese are to:

  • Incorporate a clear articulation of the importance of children, young people, households and schools within the Diocese strategy or mission statement
  • Commit to asking ‘What impact will this have on children and young people?’ at every level of strategy and decision making
  • Model strategic partnership through the inclusion of the Diocesan Director of Education (and/or other individuals with strategic oversight of children and young people) on Bishop’s Senior Team
  • Find creative ways to hear and act on the voice of children and young people alongside adult voices
  • Lead creative experiences for children and young people in faith and discipleship, which open opportunities for personal encounter, exploration and discovery
  • Explore innovative ways of including all generations in significant Diocesan occasions
  • Identify at least one Growing Faith cluster of 4-6 parishes (which might include the Cathedral) to work in partnership with the Growing Faith Enabler
  • Show a willingness to share the journey rather simply reach a destination, sharing stories, best practice, learning and challenge
  • Make a minimum 5-year commitment to this adventure

Four people from the Diocese of Coventry have been invited to attend the Trailblazer gathering at Lambeth Palace on the 14th October 2019. At this gathering the expectations for the Trailblazer Dioceses will be discussed as well as input on the process different dioceses are going to undertake with the Growing Faith parish clusters and conversations about how dioceses anticipate gathering and disseminating learning from the Trailblazer Dioceses.

Shortly after the October gathering, Murray Wilkinson will be visiting our diocese to meet with our Growing Faith parish cluster and diocesan Growing Faith team.

Please pray for Linda and the Growing Faith parish cluster and team as they help lead the way on this new initiative. 

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