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TFC to transform former Nuneaton nightclub

Together for Change (TFC) are about to launch a pioneering ten year project to help tackle unemployment and poverty in Nuneaton with the aim of raising the aspirations of local people and inspiring them into work.

The initiative will be called 'Saints' and will be centred at St George's Hall, a former nightclub, in Newdegate Street, Nuneaton. The transformation of the building is being planned in three phases beginning with an 'Enterprise and Equip' programme which will provide training and advice to boost the skills, confidence and aspirations of job seekers. Phases two and three will be introduced as the £500,000 renovation of St George's Hall develops. 'Sport and Support' will focus on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, while 'Create and Connect' will centre on the arts by encouraging activities such as dance, theatre, music and photography.

Saints is being project managed by CEO of TFC, the Reverend Jet Jones. Jet says:

"We have agreed a ten year lease on St George's Hall, with an option to buy, so this is an ambitious, long term project aimed at making a positive difference in Nuneaton. Our first task is to transform St George's Hall as that is going to be our home, the hub for all our main activities and key programmes.

"It is certainly a great feeling to be breathing life into this grand, old building, especially as we're sure it will provide a real boost for the town centre. The main aim of Saints, though, is to breathe new life into the whole of Nuneaton by transforming the plight of the town's most disadvantaged people. The whole environment at Saints will be centred on providing a welcoming place where people can come for help, support, and training. There will be a family friendly cafe with a children's play area so anyone can drop in to see for themselves what we're all about. We're running a 'Training Zone' in partnership with local colleges to provide educational and creative courses ranging from IT, English and Maths to Painting, Arts and Craft. We'll also have an 'Enterprise Zone' to encourage local people to start their own businesses or to hire stalls and sell their own produce.

"Saints is a wide-ranging strategy to offer new opportunities for the unemployed in Nuneaton; to inspire them and fire their aspirations and in doing so, help reduce poverty in the town. I realise it's a huge task, a challenging undertaking but I believe we can and we will make a real difference." 

To keep up to date with what is happening at Saints Nuneaton, see their Facebook page.

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