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The Good Childhood Report 2019

Every year, The Children’s Society researches and reports on the wellbeing of children and young people. The Good Childhood Report 2019 is their eighth report. It provides new and important insights into a range of issues affecting children's wellbeing, including family finances and children and young people's feelings about the future.

Modern childhood is complicated. The vast majority of children are happy with their lives, but since 2009 children and young people have become increasingly unhappy with their lot. Figures from The Children's Society suggest that about a quarter of a million children could now be unhappy with their lives. 

Why is this? Research points to a variety of important factors. Children are increasingly unhappy with their friendships. For years, The Children's Society have reported girls' struggles with how they look, but this year boys' happiness with their appearance has reached a record low.

The evidence about school is also concerning – surprisingly this is not necessarily to do with school work and learning. Instead findings from the report point to wider issues like school culture, the experiences of those on low incomes, and shockingly whether or not children actually feel safe during the school day.

Too many children are anxious about how life is now, but they are also anxious about the future. Large proportions of children report being worried about everything from money and getting good grades at school, to wider issues like crime and the environment.

Mark Russell, CEO at The Children’s Society, is acutely conscious of how much must urgently be done to put modern childhood back on the right course. But how do we solve problems like rising mental ill-health, huge numbers living in poverty and too many young people lost to knife crime and exploitation?

The Children's Society say that we must start by listening to young people. And then working together, in partnership with them, to build solutions that empower them to change their lives. We must then create a movement that speaks out and speaks up for young people, working with government to change the systems that stop young people thriving in childhood.

The Children's Society are so grateful to churches for their support and partnership in this life-changing work. At the heart of the gospel, Jesus is concerned for the well-being of children, and The Children's Society seeks to model that commitment in their practical and policy work.

You can read The Good Childhood Report 2019 here . Also, The Children's Society have created online resources for children and young people to access to give advice on any struggles they might be having, they can be viewed here. There are also resources for churches to support children and young people with their mental health and wellbeing here. 

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