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Coventry Winter Night Shelter

Coventry Winter Night Shelter (CWNS) is a project run by Coventry Churches around the city, which provides rough sleepers with support, a hot meal, a safe and warm bed for the night and breakfast the next day. The project runs from 1st December – 31st March every year. In this article Zoe Pimentel, Vicar of St Alban's Church in Coventry, writes about the project.

Homelessness can affect anybody regardless of their nationality, religion, race, sexuality, age or gender. Those who find themselves street homeless are particularly vulnerable, especially in winter, so every year the shelter collaborates with churches around the city to host the homeless. The churches are there every day, seven days a week to look after twenty guests. 
The churches of Coventry East Deanery have been involved in this project right from its initial inception six years ago, recruiting volunteers and offering their buildings as venues free of charge despite facing their own financial constraints. This is a typical example of the generosity that is displayed by this deanery; meeting the practical needs of the most disadvantaged people around us. We will be covering Sunday nights this year, starting at All Saints: St Margaret at the start of December and transferring to St Alban's at the beginning of February. 
Clive Hogger, venue coordinator at All Saints: St Margaret writes;

"Providing a place of warmth and shelter to vulnerable people who might otherwise have to sleep on the street in the freezing cold is a privilege, not a chore, and it enables us to really appreciate all that God has done for us."
Terry Jones, venue coordinator at St Alban’s says;

"Serving the homeless at the Night Shelter strengthens our church’s commitment to providing comfort and care to the less fortunate in Coventry. It is also a real encouragement when the support and expertise we offer through the Shelter has enabled many clients to move into permanent accommodation."

Please pray for all those volunteering at the Night Shelter and all those who attend.