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'Godly Play' in the Stourdene Benefice
An example of 'Godly Play' resources that are available for purchase.

Ali Massey was ordained deacon at Coventry Cathedral on Sunday 30th June this year. She is curate in the Stourdene Benefice - six rural parishes in south Warwickshire. The past few months have been an incredible time of mixed experiences and emotions. She has experienced the joy of assisting at weddings, along with the difficulties and opportunities of funeral ministry. But one her greatest joys has been 'Godly Play'.

Ali says:

"I have been welcomed into the schools to share sacred stories and liturgy using the medium of Godly Play.  Godly Play is a system that allows those with little or no church tradition to engage with their innate spirituality by giving the space, time and vocabulary to engage with the sacred in an accessible way.

Using story, simple resources and the opportunity to reflect on the story, Godly Play can encourage really deep conversations about the meaning of life, our place in the world and God’s love for each and every part of God’s creation.  In the space of just a few short weeks we have already explored Creation, the liturgical year and the story of Noah.

I am also looking forward to sharing Godly Play in our Messy Church services held in Newbold on Stour and Halford and I’m hoping to encourage others to join me in this ministry."

For further information on Godly Play, you can contact Ali at or see the website

Ali Massey