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Bishop Christopher's Christmas Message

A Christmas message from the Bishop of Coventry has been published in local newspapers and broadcast on local radio.

Life is a gift. It's the one gift we need every moment of every day. Life isn't always easy but we still want it - we want to live.

When life is under attack through illness in our families, violence on our streets, war in the world, something stirs within us and we cry out in protest against anything that tries to take life away.

When a life arrives and a child is born we sing out in joy, amazed at the miracle of new life entering our world. We'll do anything to protect the child. We want the very best for that child. We don't want that child just to live, we want this new life to have a fullness of life. Not to exist but to be truly alive.

Christmas is about the gift of life. The life of a new-born baby. The life of Jesus - 'the Son of the Most High', his mother called him. The life of God in human life. The life that gave birth to the world now born into the world to be with us. The life that transforms lives. The life that shows us how to live.

Christmas calls us to take hold of the life that truly is life. To believe that life is good - that it's worth living to the full. To believe in ourselves - that we are capable of great things. To believe in each other - that we can do great things together. To believe in our nation - that it can bring great good to the world.

It's because of Christmas that we can believe in life and in ourselves and in what we can do together. Christmas tells us that God believes in us. God believes in us so much that he gave us the greatest gift - the priceless gift of God's own Son born on Christmas day, born, as the carol says, 'to give us second birth'. That's how great is God's love for us. 

May this gift of God's love - the life of Jesus living among us - revive and renew your life this Christmas Day and everyday!

A Very Happy Christmas!

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