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Live Nativity in Stoke Aldermoor

Just before Christmas last year, St Catherine’s, Stoke Aldermoor held two live nativity events using money from the Coventry Diocesan Mission Fund, that attracted many people from the local area and gave them an opportunity to engage with the church and hear the Christmas story.

The first event took place outside the One Stop shop in Stoke Aldermoor on Thursday 19th December. As parents and children walked home from school, a group from St Catherine’s were singing carols, offering hot drinks and mince pies and giving free donkey rides to children. Unfortunately it poured with rain throughout the event, yet that didn’t dampen spirits. Sixty people still came and took part in the activities.

On Saturday 21st December, St Catherine’s hosted another live nativity event, this time at New Century Park. The weather was slightly better – they managed to get most of the way through the carols before it poured with rain! Eighty people came to enjoy free donkey rides, food and hot drinks and a live performance from local band, the AD Concert Band.

Both events gave St Catherine’s the opportunity to engage with families from the local community who do not go to church. The response from locals was really positive, with many people really happy to see the church reaching out to the community. After attending the live nativities some families came along to St Catherine’s crib service.

The team at St Catherine’s feel really encouraged that the live nativities helped build on their ongoing relationships with the local community which they hope will continue to prosper in the future.

The Diocesan Mission Fund awards grants for missional project, specifically to support new and engaging initiative which bring communities together and encourages discipleship. For details of how to apply click here. 

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