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The 'shifting sands' in education
Bishop John meeting staff at the Benn Education Centre in Rugby

Bishop John has visited staff from the Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) and the Multi Academy Trust (MAT) to discuss educational issues and challenges. The DBE established the MAT in response to the current Government agenda. Within its first year, five Church of England schools have already joined the MAT, and several more schools are in transition.

Linda Wainscot, the Diocesan Director of Education, explained that the education landscape is changing at an incredible rate.  Many Headteachers, teachers, Governors and Local Authority staff are constantly referring to the 'shifting sands' on which they work.

The primary focus of the DBE and MAT teams can be summed up in one word... 'children'.  However, expanding this to a couple of sentences, Linda believes that they are called by God to:

"To serve and equip schools, academies and parishes so that Church of England Schools are recognised for their distinctive and inclusive Christian ethos and for the impact this has on raising educational standards.  An effective Church of England School or Academy will demonstrate its Christian distinctiveness by providing an aspirational and holistic education which enables all children and staff to develop and achieve to their full potential."

The DBE and MAT teams are blessed with additional staff members who bring expertise, experience and passion.  Linda says:

"The sand continues to shift but together, with support from our bishops, the journey feels manageable."

After his visit to the Benn Education Centre in Rugby, Bishop John said:

"We are so blessed as a Diocese in having such a professional and cohesive team working with Linda for the DBE and the MAT.  The faith, commitment, passion and humour in the face of the professional challenges of the educational world is deeply inspiring."