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Visit from Kaduna Diocese
Rev'd Mishael Andy with his family

From September to November 2014 the Revd Mishael Andy, a priest from Kaduna Diocese, will be visiting the Diocese of Coventry. He will be based in three deaneries: Nuneaton, Fosse and Coventry South and a number of events are being arranged in these areas during his visit.

Rev'd Mishael was ordained as priest in 2009 and is currently serving as minister to St.Thomas Anglican Church, Gonin Gora, which is located in the south part of Kaduna State. He is married and has two young daughters. He says,

" is going to be a great time with Coventry Diocese, learning that I'm going to serve in three different deaneries gives me joy - that's a whole wealth of experience I'm grateful for, and be assured that my coming will be a great benefit to Coventry Diocese and Kaduna Diocese, this also will bring a formation of links between both the Dioceses and our Parishes."   

Following on from this visit it is hoped that many parishes within the diocese will develop ongoing links with parishes in Kaduna diocese.  If you are interested in this possibility, or in any aspect of Mishael's visit, please contact Martin Saxby for more information.

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