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Keeping Health in Mind

People who experience mental health problems and those who care for them often liken their experience to being held captive, of being excluded or locked out of the world. Keeping Health in Mind (KHIM) is a Christian charity which believes that all people should be free to grow, free to worship and free to belong.

Keeping Health in Mind (KHIM) seeks to raise the profile of mental health issues within church communities, to reduce stigma for those with lived experience of mental health problems, and to reach out in love with readily accessible resources for churches, carers and individuals.

Keeping Health in Mind is run by Director and co-founder, Ali Hogger. Ali is licensed by the Bishop to both this charity but also as Assistant Curate at Risen Christ, Wyken in Coventry. Ali's previous work was in mental health. She says,

"I was a mental health nurse and behavioural therapist in a previous life, and have also experienced mental health problems in those close to me. KHIM began to encourage and equip churches to start conversations about mental health, and to be good promoters and protectors of mental health and emotional wellbeing. I long for our churches to be places where mental health is talked about as part of our everyday shared lives, and where people who are searching for God in the midst of their illness can find a place to have their questions answered, and to be reconciled to God, to themselves, and to those around them."

KHIM, spearheaded by Ali, engages in a number of areas both in supporting those with mental health issues, and encouraging churches to be more welcoming and more supportive. The charity works in three key areas, informed by their three core beliefs that everyone should be Free to Grow, Free to Worship and Free to Belong. To read more about Keeping Health in Mind and these three priorities, please visit their website here. The charity is governed by a board of trustees and the Bishop of Coventry, the Rt. Rev'd. Dr. Christopher Cocksworth, and the Rev'd Tim Hughes are the patrons.

Ali Hogger

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is in October each year and to mark this important day, Keeping Health in Mind are holding a special event on Saturday 4th October, from 4 - 6 pm at St Anne and All Saints, Coventry CV1 2AN. The aim is to gather and reflect together on how the church can better offer support to those whose lives are affected by mental health problems. There will be the chance to hear about the work already in place and for churches to sign up to the Free to Worship Charter.

The charity will also be premiering the first in a series of 'Conversations' - short films looking at seldom-explored aspects of the way that faith and mental health interact. Further to this, there will be a launch of the revised version of the booklet 'A brief guide to faith and mental health'. Radio Plus will be recording the event, and everyone is welcome to attend.

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