The latest news about Offa House

This page was last updated on 22 January 2018.

Announcement on 22 January 2018

In May last year it was announced that Offa House has been sold, subject to contract, to a family who would like to use it as a family home.

Contracts were finally exchanged on Thursday 18 January and the sale of Offa House has now been completed.  It has been purchased by a family who have been granted planning permission to change the use of Offa House to a private dwelling.

Announcement on 21 May 2017

In December, the Bishop of Coventry wrote to the residents of Offchurch to say that the decision had been taken to sell Offa House (see below).  He also promised to keep residents informed of any significant developments.

We can now announce that the House has been sold, subject to contract, to a family who would like to use it as a family home.

Nothing further can be said at this stage because, as with the sale of any property, much can happen between the acceptance of an offer and the exchange of contracts.

Any further news will be posted on this page of the diocesan website.

Announcement on 12 December 2016

The Bishop of Coventry has announced that, with a heavy heart, the Diocese of Coventry will be proceeding with a plan to sell Offa House. The house had been the Diocesan Retreat House until its closure in March 2013.

In a letter to the residents of Offchurch in July, Bishop Christopher had previously explained that:

"Having decided not to pursue the use of Offa House as short-term accommodation for refugees or asylum seekers, we are now exploring other options:

  1. To seek a sustainable plan to re-open Offa House as a retreat house.
  2. To work in partnership with another Christian charity.
  3. To commission preparatory work for the sale of Offa House."

This exploration has recently been completed with great care and diligence, and last week the Bishop’s Council met to consider the future of Offa House. After much discussion and prayer, it was decided to proceed with a plan to sell the house.

Bishop Christopher said:

“I know that this decision will be met with disappointment and sadness. Offa House holds a very special place in the hearts of many people in the village of Offchurch and hundreds of people across the whole Diocese of Coventry and beyond. It is always hard to let go of a much loved friend. The members of my Council also shared these feelings when making their decision.

One of hardest things for those charged with leadership and governance is saying ‘no’ to good ideas. The re-opening of Offa House was indeed a good idea, but after much discussion, my Council finally decided that it was not the best strategic use of our limited resources.

I am extremely grateful to the Johnson family who donated a house on School Hill and funds to enable the former Vicarage to become the Diocesan Retreat House. It has been such a wonderful asset that has benefited thousands of people in Warwickshire and Coventry over several decades.”

Any significant developments regarding the sale of Offa House will be published on this page of the the diocesan website.