Cover arrangements for John Green
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The Archdeacon Pastor John Green will be on Sabbatical from Monday 12th September until Sunday 11th December. The following arrangements have been put in place to cover his absence.

General Pastoral Issues


Chaplaincy Support – Health Sector

Chaplaincy Support - Universities

Chaplaincy Support - Prisons

Chaplaincy Support - Schools

Disability Issues

Church Building Issues

Clergy Housing

Pastoral Organisation / Deployment

Multi Academy Trust

Clergy Fees

Glebe Issues

Where more than one name is given, the first should be used as the initial point of contact, resorting to the second and, when given, the third for urgent issues or when it is not possible or appropriate to contact the first.

For general advice or areas not covered above, Yvette McDonald should be contacted in the first instance.  The Venerable Morris Rodham will be available for issues which require an archdeacon but initial contact should be made via Yvette McDonald.