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Terms of Reference

1. To assist the Warden of Readers:

a. In encouraging lay members of the Church of England, with the support of their incumbent and PCC, to put themselves forward for Readership

b. In organising the Selection Conference(s) for those who, after discussion with the Diocesan Vocation Team, apply for selection for training as a Reader in the Diocese of Coventry

c. To consider applications from individual Readers for grants towards the cost of CME courses organised by the Diocesan Adviser for CME

d. To publicise the availability of, and to consider applications for, grants from the George Goode Bursary towards the cost of residential CME courses at Selwyn College and other similar events

e. To consider the basis on which Readers might be deployed in parishes other than their own either for a limited period or for a longer period

f. to respond to any recommendations contained in the Moderation Report for the Diocese with regard to the recruitment, selection and post-Admission training and development of Readers

2. To assist the Honorary Treasurer to:

a. Set an annual budget for the Coventry Diocesan Readers account

b. Agree policies for the payment of expenses

c. Monitor expenditure against income

d. Review, and agree, suitable signatories to the Coventry Diocesan Readers bank account

3. To assist the Sub-Warden (Special Projects) to organise the Annual Diocesan Conference and AGM for Readers

4. To assist the Sub-Warden (CME Liaison) to:

a. Inform the Diocesan Advisor for CME of issues relating to CME for Readers

b. Encourage Readers to undertake appropriate Post-Admission training and development

5. To assist the Honorary Readers' Secretary to:

a. Monitor the re-licensing and compliance with DBS procedures of those:

  • Applying for selection for training as a Reader
  • Recommend to the Bishop of Coventry for admission and licensing as a Reader
  • Due for re-licensing as a Reader
  • Due to transfer to, or renewal of, Permission to Officiate

b. Analyse the data extracted from the annual Return of Work

c. Organise the annual Celebration of Reader Ministry Service

6. To consider, and if deemed appropriate, support requests from the Reader Initial Training Committee to recommend to the Bishop of Coventry those participants who, having satisfactorily completed the Initial Training Course, should be admitted to the Office of Reader in the Church of England and licensed as a Reader in the Diocese of Coventry

7. To inform the Director of Ministry of the work of the Committee at regular intervals.

Membership of the Readers Development Committee
  • The Warden of Readers
  • The Hon. Secretary of Readers
  • Three Readers elected by the Reader Annual General meeting, to serve for a term of three years.