Together For Change has supported many different projects throughout the diocese, some of the successful stories are shown below:

Rising Café

Together For Change fundraised and project managed the installation of a new coffee shop called ‘Rising Café’ in the Cathedral. With a generous grant from the Bishop’s Mission fund of £20,000 the Coffee shop was renovated and launched ready for Easter 2015.

The Coffee shop is a social enterprise run by Betel of Britain ( which supports and enables the rehabilitation of adults with life controlling issues. For more info of the coffee shop, please follow this link -

Urban Hope and Bardsley Youth Club

Urban Hope and Bardsley Youth Club have recently been awarded £3000 from the Church Urban Fund 'Together Grant' to conduct a feasability study in order to discover how they might best tackle the issue of homelessness amongst young people in the City Centre. Plans to start this research will take place in the new year of 2015.

St Francis of Assisi, Radford Work Club

St Francis of Assisi have received £5,000 from the Church Urban Fund Together Grant, to support their Work Club that seeks to train volunteers, provide work experience, help with writing CV’s and identify work placements in order to meet the issues of systemic poverty. Liz and her team are working hard and are seeing great success with volunteers. Together For Change is working at developing links with the The Careers Guidance Company (CSWP) to provide long-term sustainable support for church work clubs across the diocese.

Bardsley House Work Club

Bardsley House Work Club have received £6,500 to establish a work club to tackle unemployment in the City of Coventry. The project launched in October and have recently purchased new computers with the money they received in grants.


£3000 from Church Urban Fund was awarded to establish a Coventry Debt Centre working with Christians Against Poverty. The grant will enable a CAP co-ordinator to support families helping them directly with money management and debt advice. For more information, please contact

St. Alban's, Stoke Heath Work Club

St Albans Church, Stoke Heath, were awarded £2,500 from Together For Change to support their existing work club and enable the project to continue to support the unemployed with job searches, interview techniques and internet support. The project has a very good track record and has been well established, placing many clients back into long term employment.

Kitchen to Support Those Below the Poverty Line

£5000 has been awarded to St Paul’s Church, Foleshill, to enable 2 unemployed people to cater in a soup kitchen in the church and which supports those below the poverty line. The church has long-term connections with the homeless and unemployed and each year opens its doors for the Winter Night Shelter project.

Coffee Tots Training Kitchen

Coffee Tots were supported by the Church Urban Fund and received a grant of £5000 to start a cookery training kitchen for parents and children below the poverty line. The classes are run in their new premises and enable families to economise and plan their meals effectively, whilst learning about healthy and nutritious food in a fun and practical way.

Coffee Tots has a long standing relationship with many families in the locality who come for advice, support and training. Coffee Tots church is effectively reaching many families through this outreach.

Work Club and Volunteer Programme

St Francis of Assisi Church, Radford have successfully received a grant of £15,000 from Together For Change to employ a work club and volunteer coordinator. St Francis Work Club successfully operates a full time work club and volunteer programme, which enables clients looking or work to volunteer and find employment.

The project has been so successful that ‘Rightstep’ have now partnered with the work club and send referrals to the centre, whilst providing training and support.

Debt Advice

St Martin in the Field, Finham were awarded £5000 from Church Urban Fund to establish South Coventry Money Advice to support families who were in need of money management support and debt advice. The project has enabled a number of volunteers to support families in need and enable them to work toward a long term, debt-free life style.

Play and Stay in Stoke Aldermoor

Play and Stay for St Catherine’s, Stoke Aldermoor have received £1,700 in grant funding to launch their project. The Play and Stay group began in September and has had a fantastic response already from local parents, carers and children. The project is working with parents and carers to provide invaluable support to families.

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