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The Coventry Diocesan Trustees (Registered) is a registered charity (no. 249165), separate from the DBF, normally known as "The Diocesan Trustees." Its main role is to hold property and trusts on behalf of PCCs, and to administer some charitable funds.  It is the Diocesan Authority for the purposes of the Parochial Church Councils (Powers) Measure 1956, and the Incumbents and Churchwardens (Trusts) Measure 1964.

For information please contact:

Mrs Mary Allanson - Secretary to the Diocesan Trustees


8 & 9 The Quadrant


024 7622 7331

Annual Financial Statements
For the Annual Financial Statements for the Diocesan Trustees, see the Documents panel. Appended to these financial statements are schedules of CCLA deposit and investment fund balances, by parish or other trust.